World Premiere of new Musical “FRED”

World Premiere of new Musical “FRED”
29 June 2018 - 15 July 2018
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Have you ever been part of a world premiere audience? Here’s your chance!

The Tweed Theatre Company will premiere a brand new stage musical at a Gala Opening Night on Friday 29th June at the Tweed Heads Civic Centre.
The book musical, FRED, is the latest offering from Sydney based writer/composer Wendy Waters, formerly of Mt Tamborine. FRED follows on from Wendy’s earlier musicals Sheherazade, Goddesses and Alexander. It is themed around the concept of urban loneliness and has brilliant music and four wonderful characters.
Three very different women all live next door to each other in an inner-city apartment block. They all live alone and depend on an outside, unavailable person for intimacy. They never really develop relationships with each other until the power in the building fails and an electrician called FRED is sent to fix it. As he works on the sockets and fixtures he counsels each woman and formulates a plan to fix their lives.

20something single girl who inherited her apartment from her brother who died of cancer the year before. Her parents are also dead and she clings to her only friend Cheryl. When she meets and falls for a man at the mall she fantasises of a relationship with him and sets about exercising so he’ll ask her out.
50something widow has a long standing lover who won’t commit to a more definite relationship. Her son also has issues which impact on her state of mind. She still talks to her dead husband as if he were still there and a combination of these factors causes her to take desperate action.
60something Emma is an artist who is in the early stages of Alzheimers disease and longs to reconcile with her estranged daughter and paint her masterpiece before she loses her mind. She has lived a chaotic nomadic lifestyle and this is reflected in her attitude and surroundings.
Fred is by most accounts an electrician tradesman, though he might also be an angel. At least, that is, to Alison, Maureen and Emma.

Cost: $20.00 Adult, $18.00 Concession, $128.00 Table of 8

Tweed Heads Civic Centre
Brett Street
Tweed Heads

Contact: Rod Drummond on 0266760367

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