The Rainforest Way

The Rainforest Way is an exciting series of drives that lets you explore the spectacular World Heritage listed Rainforests and National Parks in the unique hinterland of Northern NSW and South East Queensland.


Rainforest Way map scan sharpenedThese suggested drives make it easy to discover this area and its natural, cultural and historic attractions.  Whether you decide to explore only one of these trails or take a few days to discover it all, you’ll find everything you need along the way to make this an enjoyable journey.

Visit The Rainforest Way to find, maps, self-drive touring guides, accommodation ideas and loads of things to do whether you want to sit back relax and soak up the clean fresh air or hoist a backpack and challenge yourself on an amazing hike or climb a mountain.

More than just a way to visit the rainforest, Rainforest Way also encourages you to be an environmentally friendly visitor to these very special forests that are home to more than 200 rare or threatened species.  Take the time to check out how you can help the environment even while you are on holidays.

View a Map of Rainforest Way and each of the loops and trails.