One of the most popular stops on any scenic drive through the Tweed Valley, Chillingham is home to the Tweed’s very own ‘bush tucker man’, Buck Buchanan.

Tending the orchards behind his rustic roadside stall, Buck grows a fascinating variety of local and exotic citrus fruits and he happily takes visitors on a tour of his Bush Tucker Garden. A real true-blue Aussie character, Buck strides barefoot along the rows plucking native fingerlimes, Buddha’s hands fruit, bergamots, Japanese yuzu, Davidson plums, kaffir limes, warrigal greens and more for you to touch, taste and smell. He supplies some of Australia’s leading restaurants and has even created his own line of shampoos, moisturizers and lotions from his harvest.

Just down the road, potter John Gillson has lovingly restored the village’s old butcher shop into a showcase for his stunning ceramics.